There’s Levels To This!

Wassup family and thanks again for checking out my blog! As always, if you’re new to this journey we are on you can find out more about what this blog is about here and stay up to date here.

So let’s get right into our topic today…

One thing I’ve noticed is that people may be on similar paths but on different levels. For example, we may both be into running but the seasoned runner can go for miles while the intermediate runner can run up to a mile and the novice gets tired after a few yards.

They all love running but even the seasoned runner had to start somewhere (sidenote: I’m feeling that Meek Mill song “Levels”).

As we continue to observe, absorb, learn, research, and implement new things — I came across someone online who started a new business and was surprised at the niche my man chose…
My man said he’s just started his own tea business! Yes! Tea! Not t-shirts. Not testosterone level increasing supplements. Not even T-bone steaks! (My cousin Hov got those steaks 🥩 if you need them)

My man started a sipping tea business and he also put in the email a coupon for those who’ve subscribed. As well as a free how-to guide!

I said all that to say, man people are doing it out here. Whatever you may be skilled in. Whatever you like to do. Whatever your passion is. Go for it!

The internet has opened the world up for a direct-to-consumer pathway. Which gets rid of the middleman (distributors) and people can now get their products directly from you!

Why they buy from you is another topic on its own which we will most likely dive into later.

But I mean, there’s people who are getting paid over 50k a year just to brush they hair and keep their waves spinning! 🤯

My friends, there is a lane for you as well.
The hardest part might be finding it, but once you do GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT!

Tai Lopez once said “if you feel lost just get out there and start doing any and everything”.

I laughed when he said it, in his direct tone (love you Tai). But deep inside I found it funny because he was speaking to me!

I was actually out here like “I don’t have a clue what I’m doing but imma make some noise, shake s*** up, and some fruits gonna fall off somebody tree.”

Then I can maybe take those fruits and not only have food to eat but also have some seeds to plant my own tree which eventually grows into abundance. (Rinse and repeat)

Here’s a short workable recipe once you find something you want to pursue:

Look at people doing what you want to do, living how you want to live, and study them carefully.

Follow them on social media and see what they post about, when and why.

Subscribe to their email list and see what kinda emails they send to people on their list.

Purchase a product if they have one and see what that’s about.

Join a community of people interested in the same things and add value.

Just keep pushing forward nonstop.

A friend of mine once said “point yourself in the right direction and be patient” that same friend now owns a store in NYC!

Watching my friend go from startup to storefront left me with no excuses! The opportunity is out there. You just have to find your lane (hardest part).

Find people who are already doing it on different levels. And do what they do with your own spin to it.

Like my friend Salena Reynolds said “you are the secret sauce” no one can do what you do in the way that you do it. (Check her out! She dope!)

Until next time Family.
It’s ya boy Ronnie Jacks, aka LatePass aka LatePizzle fa shizzle. Bam what the fam call me. Holding it down. See ya next time. ✌🏾

Photo cred: @kpbiglife

Originally published at on December 20, 2019.




The Phoenix of Life! Creator + Philosopher + Entrepreneur + Tree Hugger I learn new s***, try it out, and share what I’ve learned.

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Ronnie Jacks

Ronnie Jacks

The Phoenix of Life! Creator + Philosopher + Entrepreneur + Tree Hugger I learn new s***, try it out, and share what I’ve learned.

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