Top 4 Reasons For Procrastination

Wassup family! Thanks for checking out my blog. Hope you’re enjoying the ride thus far. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts it’s only been a little under 3 weeks since I’ve made the concrete decision to get my life in order financially, emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially. I’ve quit drinking with the exception of a few mishaps and making small changes daily for the betterment of my life as a whole.

Today I would like to discuss procrastination. Talk a little about what it is, why it happens, and ways to overcome it.
Like I’ve said l, I’ve committed to change but I’ve noticed that gradually with time we can easily find ourselves falling back into our old habits. We are challenged daily to stay focused and on the right track but with so many distractions available we can easily get sidetracked and fall off course. In all fairness I must mention we will have our challenging moments but we must stay committed to constantly getting back up and getting back in the game no matter what! Growth never happens in our comfort zone.

So, let’s dive into four reasons why our comfort zones are so comfy and drive us to procrastination:

  1. Fear of failure — Feeling like we won’t succeed.
    One reason we procrastinate, more so when traveling unfamiliar territory, is a subjective fear of failure. I’m reminded of a few quotes when considering fear of failure. One by Henry Ford Saying, “whether you think you can or think you can’t you’re right” the other being more of a question that goes “If you knew you could not fail what would you do?”
    Both these quotes subtlety speak on mindset and with the right thoughts and consistent actions our fear of failure can be overcome.
  2. Excessive perfectionism
    We also procrastinate because we tell ourselves we are “waiting for the right moment” and “It’s bad timing” or “I have to get this thing right first then I can do that”. Procrastinators believe everything must align perfectly to be ready to move forward on any objective but let me remind you my friends, nothing will ever be perfect.
  3. Low energy levels
    This one here really hits home which is why I’ve been planning on fasting for about a week now (procrastination bug has my fasting plans delayed 😢) although I do not have a solid remedy for alleviating low energy levels other than coffee, I believe a lot of our energy problems and most health related issues can be traced back to our diets. In my research on reasons to fasting I’ve found that your body uses sugar for energy. Once you limit your sugar and ultimately food intake the body will eventually (in its beautiful brilliance) begin to enter a phase called autophagy [] and begin to use its dead or dying cells for energy. Again, I do not have a solid remedy for fixing low energy issues but I can tell you this. Every thanksgiving after eating a ton of food your body is spending all of its energy digesting the food. Although you may not see your body physically moving it is hard at work internally causing what’s been dubbed “The Itis”
  4. A lack of focus.
    As I mentioned earlier we live in a time where things are moving lightning speed . Every week there is a new trend. Fashion changes with each blink. A new social media challenge pops up every two days and with so much going on it is very easy to lose focus and get distracted by some new shiny object that has caught our attention. With so many distractions procrastination can happen without you even noticing.
    These reasons make things a bit scary and it can seem as if staying focused is a wish in the wind but let me remind you of the second point which was perfectionism. My friends, there is no such thing as perfect. Perfect is a myth. But one thing we can control is a healthy balance. Balance is the key. I’m reminded of a book I read that I highly recommend called the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership. One of those laws is called the law of process. We must play the long game because trying to be perfect everyday is a quick and easy way to burn out. I know this from experience.
    So just a quick recap of four reasons why we procrastinate.
  5. Fear of failure
  6. Trying to be perfect. Perfectionism
  7. Low energy levels
  8. Lack of focus

Since I like to keep my posts short and readable in 5 or 10 minutes I believe it would be unfair to mention these four reasons for procrastination without quickly providing solutions. Here are some strategies I’ve had available and are beginning to really utilize to battle procrastination and get things done.

  1. Have an accountability partner.
    We need that person that’ll keep us grounded and focused on our tasks at hand. Someone who’s not afraid to tell it like it is. I personally prefer someone mean as an accountability partner because they have no problem being slightly rude and giving you the brutal truth.
  2. Have deadlines to your goals.
    I have an app I use which has been working for me. I have a problem with forgetting anything I don’t write down so by using this app I’m able to remember important due dates and it helps me to stay focused by having the ability to have recurring goals. I’m not saying you should do things the same way that I do but whatever you use to stick to deadlines just make sure you use it and it works for you.
  3. Break large tasks into smaller pieces.
    Remember what I said about the law of process well this recommendation plays into that law very well. Take something that has many steps and break it down into smaller task to accomplish the bigger picture. If you lay one brick down everyday, over time you’ll have a wall built. People will glorify your brilliance not realizing you’ve played the long game by just placing one brick (or completing one task) daily.
  4. Visualize the future.
    This one is still new for me and I’m getting used to it but it reinforces truly believing in yourself. I personally have a mantra that I repeat everyday which reminds me of the life I will live in the future. Remember, “whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right.”

So here’s a quick recap on the solutions to procrastination:

  1. Have an accountability partner
  2. Give yourself deadlines
  3. Break major tasks down into smaller ones
  4. Visualize your ideal future

So as I wrap this posts up I’d just like to add some Ronnie spices to it and remind you guys to celebrate small wins. Changing your life is no easy task and repairing mistakes that have accumulated over years won’t be fixed in a weekend. Be patient with yourself. If you’ve done something right be generous with celebrating and remember to love yourself.

Cheers to our best lives!

Originally published at on November 24, 2019.




The Phoenix of Life! Creator + Philosopher + Entrepreneur + Tree Hugger I learn new s***, try it out, and share what I’ve learned.

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Ronnie Jacks

Ronnie Jacks

The Phoenix of Life! Creator + Philosopher + Entrepreneur + Tree Hugger I learn new s***, try it out, and share what I’ve learned.

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